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Shanghai Golden-Sunrise Pump Industrial Co., Ltd

Shanghai Golden-Sunrise Pump Industrial Co., Ltd

XS Series Twin Scew Pump

XS  Series Twin Scew Pump

Product name:XS Series Twin Scew Pump


Based on market demand, we develops according to GB/T11035-1989<<Marine Electric Two Spindle Screw Pump>> and SY/T6534-2002<<Twin Screw Pump delivering the Mixture of Oil and Gas>> of standard in oil and natural gas industry, Double-suction twin screw pump is a kind of displacement rotor pump that absorbs by itself, and used to deliver fluid media without any solid particle. Its applied industry includes petrochemistry, metallurgy, electrical power, shipbuilding, oil refining, mechanical, paper making, pharmacy, food and so on.


1. Smooth delivery of media; no pulse; low shake and noise, while high efficiency;
2. Strong self-suction ability; deliver media includes gas and liquid;
3. Adopt synchronous gear, which allows a short time of dry moving;
4. With emergency valve to give out alarm signal when pump overloads;
5. Various constructions, which are suitable for each applied circumstance;
6. Adopt mechanical seal: long life and no leakage. 

Operation Data 
Capacity: 2-1200m3/h
Pressure: 0.1-4.0Mpa
Viscosity: 1-3x106mm2/s
Temperature: -50-320℃ 

Operated Principle and Structure
A pair of mutual meshed rotors shapes a seal displacement cavity in the stator. The displacement cavity continuously and smoothly delivers liquid to the discharge casing in an axial direction when the rotor is rotating, while its suction chamber forms a vacuum to inhale liquid continuously.


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